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Maybank Debit CardMaybank Debit Card

Few months ago (probably 6 mths ago), i decided to change my Maybank Card to a debit card. My reason is simply i'm a lazy bump. I would love to bring less cash as much as possible. Everything will be swiped over the counter. Simple right? And then, next thing on my wish list is to be able to buy things online. Honestly, i was dam busy that i only tried it once when browsing through and few days ago, registering with paypal.... and guess what?!! My card was declined. Hmm.. isnt it mentioned on the brochure that we can buy online using the card?

So, i called the Maybank call center (always the tak puas hati punyer pasal) and find out that its not meant for online. Sigh...

Public Bank Debit Card

So not wasting any time, i decided to move to other bank which can offer the internet services for their debit card. After few readings, blog testimonials etc, i gave the Public Bank Visa Electron a shot. I have my paypal account ready and just waiting for me to put in my card details and then i'm ready to make lots of passive income this year (just like how i planned at the beginning of the year). I had tunemoney in mind as well, but guess what! I was unable to go to the site up until today. Are they closing shop or what?

maybank-visa-debit-card-thumb Maybank Visa Debit Card vs Tune Card Visa Prepaid
Product Maybank Visa Debit Card Publiack Bank Visa Electron
Charge/Fees - Service charge for withdrawal transaction for:

Maybank’s Group ATM in Singapore, Brunei and Philippines: RM2 each

MEPS network: RM1 each

Visa Plus Network: RM12 each

Annual fee ; RM 25

FOC top up at any public bank branches, including online;
No fee for withdrawing $ from Public Bank atm machine;
RM 10 withdrawal fee from all the other atm machines;

Internet Transaction No Yes


Top Up Maybank Only Publick Bank counter, deposit machines & via online

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famil said...

darn, wasted rm12 changing my maybankcard

lankapo said...

tunemmoney is ok now, site is up.

they just went thru a minor problem.

ceo and top management resign due to financial problem.

princessren said...

famil : exactly... i tot the same too.. menghabis kat shopping complex adalaaaa... lari je budget.. heehe

lankapo : hi there. i was at ur blog b4... very very informative :) thats where i get to know about the PB Visa Electron. TQ TQ

fonsusz said...

confirm bleh online transaction tek...example: ebay n airasia? if can, i will let go my maybankcard.

princessren said...

fonsusz : yeah confirm can do online transaction. i dah buat research extensively dah :)

but maybe u can still keep ur maybankcard as u can use it while shopping. no need to bring cash maaa :)

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