A fight for no.1 spot

Liverpool Fernando Torres
watching the west ham vs MU right now and was hoping for them to lose the game.. u know which them i'm referring to. hehe... sorry guys. Earlier it was a draw for arsenal and tottenham. Saw robbie in the game... arsenal was desparate to get a goal but fate was not on their side. Maybe will do better in the next season :) jual je van persie tuh.. hehe
and that 33 yr old bugger Gig scored... dam. Hehe... well, thre's about 15 more games? we're still in the race :)
A fight for no.1 spot A fight for no.1 spot Reviewed by princessren on February 09, 2009 Rating: 5


Anonymous said...


ooo...cannot jual itu RVP, it's like selling Alonso to Arsenal. Just kidding!

princessren said...

hi fonsusz... arsenal fan nampak.. hehe. arsenal has all the young players... prospect to shine in the future.. not ur season yet.. maybe next 2 seasons :)

Ahmad Javanese said...

kau tau tak Mary... aku kadang2 geram ngan Liv ni. Menang dia tak class sangat kadang2. Tapi takpe... slow2 aku harap Rafa buat team yg lagik best dan best.

as for Giggs... dayem! I hate Man U! But I really2 respect them. I respect Giggs... (and I think I like the guy too as a footballer). heheheh. I mean, he's 30++... and still kicking ball and ass!!! :P

Anywayz.. itu saja nak kata

Bye2 :D

princessren said...

alfian : sabar sabar... hehe. dah nama nyer liverpool fan.. every seasons sama camnih.. rasa mcm underdog giller.. 1 time kalah and then the next wk bleh menang CL.. ada byk kali jugak lah rasa heart attack. all the dissapoinment.. all the anger and all the joy.. inspite of all that i just love them playing :)

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