How much sense can you get?!!!

Google AdsenseAfter few weeks of working my ass off, trying to get the adsense account... finally, I get it to work again. You see, I can't remember when or if there is any recollection of me signing in for adsense. I believe I did. But all hope gone when I can't login using my existing gmail account. So, with a flicker of hope, I tried to sign up and everytime, i got this error message :
A user with the email you specified already exists
Please select a different Google Account login to access this account.
Ok, still hoping, i tried with all other gmails that I have (yeah, i have that so many :P). Some will get the cannot access the registered site and some say will be approve/disapprove within 48 hours to 1 week. Very very dissapointing. After googling high and low... I finally found the answer at Google Adsense Forum. Don't expect to get your answer in Google Adsense Support though.

Anyway, I was advised to reset my account's password, which I did at Keying my email and voila, I got my account back... hehe. I also found out that i registered my adsense account, way wayyyyy back in 2005. Don't know why I removed the ads after a month. And in that period I earn only $0.86. Not bad huh for 1 month but if I just let it be in my blog up until now, I can get earn couple of hundreds passive income each month. Bodoh nyer mary... hahahaha. But thats ok. Look forward to great things from adsense.

Another new thing that I notice was that my Payee name is not right. If you leave/deserted your adsense account for so long, please pleaseeeee check your payee name again. Because u might get a lot of hassle in cashing your check later on. So, referring to Adsense Help, actually, you can easily edit your payee name in your My Account tab. But for some reasons, if you're located in China, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Philippines, or Thailand, you will not have the option to edit the payee name. Yes, yes i know. Bummer...

So, follow the instruction, i completed the cancellation form, waiting for their notification, and have to submit a new application again. But don't worry, with your Publisher ID you will still keep you existing earning. Still ok with me, as long as I can get the account back.

But good news from adsense is that you can get your payment fast and easy via Western Union (service offered in Malaysia : CIMB, Post Office, Agrobank, RHB, Public Bank, BSN). See complete agents in Malaysia here. To get payed via Western Union, change your payment method in your account. But to do this, your earning must be above $10.

To withdraw you adsense via western union, check out these people who have done it :
So, dudes and dudettes... itu jelah cerita I mengenai adsense. Memang doesn't make sense at all. LOL :P
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