You may have heard about a young American girl, brutally killed (crushed to death), while trying to stop an US-made Israeli bulldozer which destroying all the Palestinian’s homes. Her name is Rachel Corrie. She was 24 yrs old at the time and yesterday was 6 yrs anniversary of her death. She was part of the Palestinian struggle for freedom, part of it’s history of painful losses. In death, she receives more attention than the killing of hundreds of Muslims. And because of that , the attention to the conflict in Palestine is much more known to the rest of the world. She’s a hero to the Palestinians and May she rest in peace. Amen.

However, her anniversary was marred yesterday by another casualty. Tristan Anderson, an activist, was hit in the head by a tear gas cannister, while protesting in the West Bank. These people are the Palestinian’s angels. They are the 1s who go all the way so that 1 day peace will come shine on the Palestinians.

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