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Wow it has been so long innit?!!! i’m not sure if any of u checking on my website but i’m sure there’s 1 person been asking about my domain. Well, i have been committed to some work related matters and now i’m back. I wont…


Random Thought 

If i were to die today… there’s nothing much to remember… about me! That’s all… 🙁


Wanna know the secret? 

Victoria Secrets sure know how to make women beautiful… and be proud of every curve that they have. Plus a bit of that confidence and knowing how to carry yourself… WOMAN – u sure can survive this life ;D


Things await… 

Sorry for being idle for so long. Many things happened this few months affecting me personally and professionally. So bear with me, and i’ll promise you that i’ll be actively updating this site again. God speed 🙂