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I was indeed blind. I lost my path but God, you have never left me in my time of need. You’re always there and i fail to notice it many many times. Please lead me to the right path and magnify my gratitude everyday. I’m…


Success driven by fear 

I don’t normally talk much about what i’m doing in life especially on the professional side mostly because it’s a bitter sweet journey. I’m not there yet but i will be very very soon… what matters is i got this very stubborn… so soooo stubborn…

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I Can’T gO baCk to 2001 2000 aNd staRt aLL oVer AGain!!! why is it have to be so damn hard???

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Overcoming Adversity… 

Enjoy this clip where Letterman kick O’Reilly‘s ass real hard. Haha… Never seen him so mad like that before. I like the part where he said “It’s not easy for me because i’m thoughtful”… Anyway… Last year, i had gone thru 1 of the toughest…