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Category: Misc


Tatt That Too 

Found this on my bro’s blog and i think its totally cool.. way to go bro. haha… if u’re reading this, ur life is ok. Just do ur best in whatever you do becase we all love you 🙂 and happy 25th bday today.


May i introduce the Rebel 

2 weeks… 2 wekes to fisinh all my wroks. No mtater waht. If it has to be 24 hrous… so let it be. Extihauson, Sstres, the Tsionens, the Mereng, the csonnatt hegnur, the hdaaeches, the bclak pdnaa eeys, the gsatcirs, cmoe to mama … so…


The Road Not Taken 

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –I took the one less traveled by,And that has made all the difference.~Robert Frost, “The Road Not Taken,” 1916


Time to heal wounds 

WHAT a feeling to wake up to on March 9 and to find democracy is alive and kicking in Malaysia. The people have finally spoken. Now is the time for healing. The wounds that have been opened need to be nursed back to good health…., Misc

A New Year toast to you all… 

… first time i don’t have any booze for a new year party. Believe it or not. I went for the Miss Tourism event and supposedly have this after event party which i thought should be a blast. At around 1 am i was already…


All i want for Christmas is… 

nothing actually. I’m going back for a week and hoping that it’ll be a fresh start when i return. So, wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a joyous New Year 2008. yeayyy it’s christmas again. The happiest time of the year. I’ll be…

liverpool, Misc

Road to Anfield 

lemme see. 1 pilsner, 1 entry form… erm or is it 1 jug is 1 entry form? 1 tower is 2 entry form tho… hahaahahhaha… cari jalan senang. Will my dream come true? Anfield, here i come. I love u Carl 😛 in previous games,…

liverpool, Misc, run

Captain Fantastico 

On our way to a friend’s wedding…Me: uish hensem nyer dia.. hehe (referring to this 1 big celcom’s banner featuring steven gerrard. Somewhere near theSummit)ET: Ish tak langsung lah. Hidung dia besar.Me: Tak kira.. hensem jugak. ET: dah lah kawin dengan minah tetek besar. Me:…