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Big Game 

Another movie to look forward to. Tell me, who doesn’t love Samuel L Jackson, mathafacka? haha… Air Force One was shot by terrorist and the president escaped, all alone in the wilderness of Finland, and instead of his guards saving him, it’s an unexpected boy…

Movies, youtube

Must watch movies 

I still have this habits of watching trailers on and i must say i’m more picky nowadays of what i want to watch. 2 movies caught my attention and i’m looking forward to watch them in the cinema next month. When i say movies…


Are U Masturbating? 

Source : Transformers the Movie funny i don’t remember watching this cartoon when i was a kid… i know i never missed watcing it with my bro but i cant remember at all. Bila nak ingat balik, really hard to remember back, lagu Saber Rider…


In need of more laughter !!! 

If anybody wanna crack me up, no one can do it better than Will Ferrell. His last movie shown here was Stranger Than Fiction. Can’t wait for his next movie, Blades of Glory. Anything with him in the movie, i’ll definitely watch. So far, they…