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The Inner Child 

Few times i thought of how little me would look at the adult that I am today. What would she see? How would she see me? Would she feel safe with me, would she look up to me? I think this performance is the wake…


Mother’s Day Wishes 

Happy mother’s day to my mum Josie. She is the most special woman in my life. I know at times i hurt u deeply, but please do know i want nothing but happiness in your life. I love you always and forever.


The Last 

The 5Ws of the one lovedWho: The fantasy, the make-believe that things are actually true.What: The depth, the inside jokes, the best friend.When: Young lovers who our older self will reminisce.Where: I will be everywhere just to be with you.Why: Because before you I don’t…


RIP Sabrina Yeap 

A tribute to Sabrina Yeap, an angel to all furry friends. For what you have done tirelessly.. what you did to all these furry friends without asking anything in return.. all your sacrifices… without knowing that you’re having leukimia… you’re indeed an angel on earth….


A window to your soul 

everytime they played this clip on mtv, i’ll stop doing what i’m doing and freeze right there, mesmerized by the song. I just don’t know why. Something about the song… it’s just too beautiful, i think… i read somewhere that the eyes is the window…


I’m feeling christmasy 

At exactly 7.08am, December 2, 2006 : (alarm went off, or so i thought it was. Tengok handphone, it was Faie. Huh???) Me : Faie???Faie : weh. U kat mana?Me : Arghhhhhh.. faie.. my alarm tak bunyi. Alamak… camner nih?Faie : Ko takyah mandi. Bangun…