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I see your true color 

Got this comment from my good friend Bad on the ‘Malaysia Bangang’ entry : About the equity value, it is already explained by the government the 45% result actually included the government own shares as well. Talking about our KLCC and they are still pound…


Malaysia Bangang 

Kinda boiled up reading this article but what can i say when maybe half or 85% of it is true. Maybe i dare say that all of it is true. What do you have to say when outsiders think instead of Malaysia Boleh, we are…


Oxygen is overrated 

I have another goal to achieve next month, that is to be a triathlete. I have no problem with cycling and running but hell, swimming might be tough on me. The event will be 1K swimming, 30K cycling and 7K running. My mind say maybe,…


i love this seaweed 

oh man. where should i start… almost forgot all the things in lumut by now. oh yeah the result was out and officially, i was no.2 last in my category. hahaha adoi kelakar. well, it was my first time doing duathlon, and i won’t start…


Don’t Worry Be Happy 

Damn i don’t have the time to write about lumut yet. Been really really busy lately. Busy that i have to work also tomorrow. All this because wanna buy a bike. Want it, work hard to get it! Unless, if anyone is willing to sponsor…


De good Old 80s 

Browsing some videos on youtube, i found some series yang i tak pernah miss masa zaman kanak2 dulu. Classics. Will do the Lumut report after i got some pics from Aini. Aini, mana u? hehe… sabar yek ppl. What can i say about the liv…


It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas 

i’ll be somewhere near the above this weekend. Not for holiday but doing some race. I’ll blog about it next week. Anyway, it’s Arsenal vs Liverpool this sunday nov 12, Ch 81 at 11.55pm.. don’t forget yeah ;D … christmas is really really around the…


Please help : Lost cat! 

Last seen at Section 5 Kota Damansara. Bi-color and tri-color tabby with long hair. Answers to the name Candy (above) and TingTong (below). If found do contact Bad 012-3031557 or NJ 012-2000526.