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The key to life 

Enjoy a great message from Will Smith to the kids. Really inspirational too. Listen to what he has to say about running and the person who works the hardest, WINS. And don’t forget Liverpool vs Blackburn game tonight at 10pm. We have 3 injured players…


Reason #1 : Why i sometimes late to work 

My Princess is at the door first before me. How can u resist that really cute looks. Note the word ‘sometimes’ at the title yeah. Not always. Believe it or not she can really turn the door knob now? And she can open the door?…


Tell me, what are you waiting for 

Just got to know that Dean Karnazes has a blog and he’s blogging on his ultra-marathon quest even as we speak. As of now, it’s 24 down and 26 more to go… Very inspirational indeed. Click the banner to know more… If a person, maybe…


Cool siot ini advert 

Signed up with lifelogger yesterday, thanks to aini for recommending it. Now, you see i’ve been on youtube all this while, and i’m not saying that it’s anything bad, it’s just annoying that you have to wait 1 hour or so for it to finish…


How Do You Decide Who to Marry? 

This thing is all over the net. Look at how the kids simply answered to all questions regarding marriage. Funny i think. Kinda remind me of that Cosby show interviewing the kids. I miss that show. And no, i’m not getting married anytime soon, that…


Be a runner first, then a marathoner 

This year, i’m already a runner. Now, i have another goal to achieve : a marathoner. Thinking of achieving that by year end but i missed the Singapore Marathon registration. Sorry u guys yang already registered. Can’t join u guys to witness a miracle/success/joy of…


Sudoku for life 

For the 4 places i would rather be i forgot to list 1 place that i really really really want to go to next year, no matter what. Arrggghhh!!! How can i forget. Did I say i’m Count Dracula of Sesame Street’s twins??? So damn…


i’m hooked 

i have a confession to make. I do it in my bedroom, in the bathroom, in the office, when watching CSI or Criminal Mind, when i’m reading, when i eat… sigh and i can’t stop because i’m hooked. Stay tune tomorrow to what i’m up…


Make sure u know where ur husband is going 

Travelling to some distance places in few months require me to have a passport. Damn those pass melawat doesn’t apply anymore. Ketinggalan zaman betul lah aku nih. Anyway, checking the site, nasib baik only 3 days to make 1… now, i have to figure out…