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Sleepy & arrrggghhh Defense!!! 

i was ready on the couch at about 2am, waiting for the liv vs galatasaray game at 2.30am. Took a supposedly short nap, and by the time i bangun sempat tengok Garcia’s goal… huh? dah 2-0. That was fast. I missed Crouch’s goal. 30 minutes…


Janji Habis 

lots of people were asking how was my run? hahaha.. let’s just say that i live up to zailan‘s motto : Janji Habis!!! i’m talking about the mizuno run yesterday. Nasib baik giller si wendy lepak at my house the night before. Sebab my alarm…


September 17 : Terry Fox Run 

Terry, from a suburb of Vancouver, was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of 18 and had to have his leg amputated above the knee. He wanted to help other cancer patients and decided to run across Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific….


Where You End 

Found Moby’s blog on the net and damn that guy does have some opinions. He wrote about George Bush and his stupid policies and the war in Iraq, etc and etc. Guess what? He does not welcome President George W. Bush to the 9-11 anniversary…


Standing on it’s 2 feet 

It was a year ago that I started blogging. I can’t remember why I did it, but mainly because everybody is doing it and i will eventually have 1 anyway. So on that day in August last year I started with a picture of me…


If I could turn back time… 

A friend of a friend, Simon, met with an accident a week ago and had his spine cracked in 4 places. Read his blog here… A friend asked me whether I still want to buy a bike after what had happened to Simon. My response…


Goodbye Steve Irwin 

it was a shocking news for the whole world… losing 1 of the nicest loving soul around. We saw him on tv all the time. In fact I think he’s the first person to show that u can make an animal documentary fun to watch….