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what is love? 

hmm… Love will find a way Love will find a way I believe that there’sa way If you want it to Will love find a way Love will find a way Will love find a way… Great grandma and 40-year-old tie the knot A 71-YEAR-OLD…



haha.. gosh what happened to these boys? i didn’t recognize nick at first but after looking at the whole group.. gosh . it is backstreet boys. haha video tak kene langsung dgn concept lagu but it’s fun to watch…


I’m a nobody 

erk.. why “I’m a nobody“??? Changed from “My Life So Far“? aarrgh saw a lot of ppl use that title. So , i need something else. God knows when i’m going to change the title again. ish.. this is want happenned when u hv a…


George Bush doesn’t care about black people! 

George Bush doesn’t care about black people! ~ Kanye West kecian i tgk mike myers kat tepi tuh. hehe.. but kanye west is so serious man.. yalaaaa.. everyone is angry man.. WTF.. after 5 days baru send help.. this is america we’re talking abt man….


Rants and rambles at 1:13 pm 

Haiyo bosan nak mampos. Kalu i tulis nih pun saper laa yg baca pun.. malas laa nak promote this blog. Kalu org jumpa nasib laaa.. haha. nwayz .. argh where theStar.. ??? cish. my partner took it wif him. now i don’t hv story to…

Misc, Papa

My Papa 

12.08.44 – 24.08.04Rest In Peace Papa, it’s really hard to let go. I love and miss you so much.