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Was downloading all these fancy add ons for Firefox. And now i’m blogging with ScribeFire… Cool stuff. Say, if I like a certain website and i wanted to blog about it, then i just right click and SribeFire it. How cool is that.. LOL.Getting started…


Keywords… keywords… hear me out! 

google analytics reveal that people mostly found my blog through searching ‘famous liverpool fan’ – surprisingly. Hehe…. no 1. in Google search is quite an achievement i think. Tak percaya, try search for ‘famous liverpool fan’ in google. Chk out the link here. just added…


Chelsea sack Scolari 

scolari.. scolari. sian dia. what can u expect from a national coach? he used to coach Kuwait, Brazil, and Portugal and some small clubs before Chelsea. Rome wasn’t build in a day… he was not given a chance at all. Too short a time to…


A fight for no.1 spot 

watching the west ham vs MU right now and was hoping for them to lose the game.. u know which them i’m referring to. hehe… sorry guys. Earlier it was a draw for arsenal and tottenham. Saw robbie in the game… arsenal was desparate to…

Make A Difference, Meow

DBKL animal cruelty 

What is a civilized country? or How do you recognized a civilized country? David Horton listed 25 criterias : The military-industrial complex plays no role in government. Religion plays a very small role in society, not forbidden, but not compulsory. Scientists, teachers, nurses, artists, are…


Good Girl Gone Bad }:) 

My favourite singer, the Grammy Award singer Rihanna is in town and i don’t think i can go.. Huhu. Bukit Jalil sebelah rumah tuh… 🙁 For those of you who doesn’t know yet, RIHANNA LIVE IN KL 2009 is scheduled for FEBRUARY 13, 2009, FRIDAY,…